What began as a simple Google search turned into a highly successful branding experience when Mexico-based Quimobásicos found our agency and enlisted our creative services.  It was our Latin-American affiliations – clients, events, personal backgrounds, etc – that first caught their attention, but it was our proven marketing and design strategies that sealed the deal.  The company needed to amp up their advertising efforts and revamp their overall brand experience to promote their progressive green initiatives to a wider range of consumers.  Evincing a powerful corporate image was critical to future growth.

challenge Promoting a green-centric brand to a wider range of consumers.

solution Media that wows on every level, from logo design to web development.

result Widespread recognition for progressive eco initiatives and corporate sustainability.

Our first task with Quimobásicos was to sell them the idea of branding – to convince them of the immense value there was to be gained from a solid brand identity.  To meet the growing demands of their business and its economic environment, they needed a marketing and advertising approach designed for maximum scalability.  So we developed a full brand strategy to meet their objectives, complete with logo design, web development, mobile-ready upgrades, and QR code integration, both online and across their product lines.  We also designed and developed a new social media strategy and launched an epic print marketing campaign across Mexico – their first in fifty years!

Over our three rewarding years of work with Quimobásicos, the projects we’ve grown to fruition have more than proven the value of our comprehensive, creative branding process.  Their corporate identity is one of widespread recognition, well-reputed for their environmental ethics and superior service.  With every aspect of their brand and advertising design at the cutting edge of media technology, the company stands in excellent stead to meet the demands of their growing success.  Theirs is a prime example of a story worth branding.

Evincing a powerful corporate image was critical to future growth.

— Quimobasicos