Victor Valero Photography


It gives us great pleasure to welcome our new photographer to the studio – and our spectacular city! Victor Valero came to us from Mexico City, where he studied under world-renowned fashion photographers Carlos Somonte and Enrique Covarrubias, and worked on ad campaigns for names like Scappino, Coca Cola, Audi, Nissan, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more. Talented and reputable as he is, it’s hard to believe he never imagined photography would become his career. He discovered photography as a visual transformation, through which he could picture the world the way he wanted. He found he could see a deeper element in the relationship between space and time at play in his subject, and through that focus, project a message, muse, or idea into the image. The realization that he could angle this ability for a specific objective set his career in commercial photography in motion.

Despite great success in Mexico and later in Spain, however, Victor felt his potential could be realized with greater vibrancy and effect elsewhere. He wanted to work in an environment where the commercial visions and objectives were better aligned with his own – where the marketing and advertising projects would engage his creativity to its fullest extent and beyond. So he contacted Kihada Kreative, not only with the intention of bridging Latin American markets with those in Canada and the US, but also in search of new challenges, new subjects, a rich diversity of opportunity and creative freedom, and most importantly, a compatible team to work with.

“It’s the harmony of a team that’s vital to the success of a production,” he says, “not the photographer alone.” We couldn’t agree more – each of us has our own talents, and our projects are proof that we are greater than the sum of our individual parts.