The Itch of the Imagination

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4_TateMovie_kihadasmallIsn’t it every kid’s dream to see his or her drawings come to life? Perhaps some do, in the absolutely limitless worlds of childhood imagination. Now, however, kids and adults alike can see it happen on the big screen: The Itch of the Golden Nit, premiering for the first time in North America at the Children’s Festival this Thursday, is animated entirely by illustrations submitted by 34 000 children across the UK.



The Tate Modern, Fallon Creative Agency, and Aardman Animation (of Wallace & Gromit fame) came together and launched the Tate Movie Project in 2010, inviting 5- to 13-year-olds nationwide to contribute their ideas and illustrations through the immensely interactive website. While the children explored the process of animation, scripting, editing, and sound effects with Ronnie the animated “Movie Director”, professional producers negotiated the enormous influx of pure imagination and creative material in preparation for development. In July 2011, the Tate Movie Project visited 55 locations across the UK in a giant production/creative studio truck and worked directly with kids to put the film together.


The resulting 30-minute feature has already won a BAFTA for its impressive quality along with the Guinness World Record for most individuals involved in animation. Its debut in the UK included screenings in Trafalgar Square and at London 2012 Live Sites in various cities, in anticipation of becoming part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Finally, this showcase of vibrant children’s creativity has arrived in Canada, where audiences of all ages are sure to delight in Beanie’s quest to save Earth from Evil Stella’s villainy.



The immeasurable efforts behind this one-of-a-kind production, as well as the extraordinary breadth of contributors, shine through beautifully as the story unfolds. Indeed, the 11-year-old protagonist Beanie, his sister and parents, and the cast of superheroes surely would not present so authentically in the eyes of the audience, had not fellow kids played such an integral part in its creation! What child can’t relate to a young boy’s soccer aspirations? Or his love of superheroes? Or even to feeling small in the face of “big person” adversity? From small instances of potty humor to encounters with outlandish foes, every single element of the story twinkles with young influence.


The 35th annual Children’s Festival runs from May 29th to June 3rd on Granville Island.  Tickets to shows and other events can be purchased here. Last year, Kihada had the pleasure of creating the marketing campaigns for the Children’s Festival, and helping out other non-profit organizations is a central part of what we do! If you’d like to learn more about the Children’s Festival, kreative film production, or about other community events, check out our website, Kihada Kreative. For more information about the Tate Movie Project, follow these links:  Tate official website, the Tate Movie Project Home.


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