The END?? 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

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Over the past couple of years, there has been an immense explosion of debate and speculation around 2012 the so-called End of the World. The idea originates in the Mayan Calendar, which marks October 28, 2011 as the end of its Ninth and final cycle. Conspiracists, the superstitious, seers, and people everywhere have linked this date with an astronomical anomaly that will take place on December 21, 2012, and have interpreted the event as impending doom – a good reason to live their last year to the fullest (or at least put on clean underwear).

But is there any real basis for such grim foreboding?  Are we really on the path to inevitable apocalypse?



One should hope not, although judging from the general trend, it seems as though we enjoy dwelling on sensational negatives and ubiquitous cynicisms. What we know for sure is that the news of late contains a great deal of bleak predictions in the realms of politics, economy, ecology, and social development – the occurrence of which, incidentally, is noted in the ancient Mayan prophecies. In this state of fear, it seems only natural to expect –even hope for – a climactic end.

However, the Mayan Calendar does not explicitly predict such calamitous events, and as it is “the most valuable tool for charting the future” according to Carl Johan Calleman, one of the leading interpreters of Mayan prophecy, this could be good news. Calleman has dedicated his life’s work to decoding and rewriting Mayan teachings in modern terms, and provides a basic model of the Mayan calendar for us simpletons on his website, Similarly, Bryan Walton has studied the Mayan Calendar as part of his “Oxygen of the Mind” series, which focuses on improving consciousness by reducing stress and increasing energy. They tell us that the Mayan Calendar was created as a 250-day rotation following the cultivation cycles of maize. It was developed further as a system of nine evolutionary cycles, each mirroring one of nine Underworlds (and hence every Mayan pyramid has 9 steps). The cycles overlap, all beginning separately but all leading to enlightened consciousness. Each cycle begins with a significant evolutionary event and continues in a series of energy cycles, seven positive and six negative. The positive periods are when dramatic changes occur, and the negative periods are where they become established. The rate at which these periods occur accelerates exponentially with each cycle. For instance, the first cycle began with the Big Bang, which the Mayan Calendar dates at 16.4 billion years ago, and the rate at which change occurred was every billion years or so. Cycle 2 began 821 million years ago with the first signs of life on earth. Cycle 3 started with the first primate, around 41 million years ago. By Cycle 7, starting in 1755 AD with the invention of the steam engine (and the subsequent Industrial Revolution), the periods of change were only 20 years apart. Finally, in Cycle 9, change occurs every 18 days. Walton likens this phenomenon to the way that a ball dropped from a tower drops 32 feet in the first second, then 64 seconds in the next, due to the accelerating force of gravity. And, just as that falling ball will eventually reach terminal velocity, the cycles end all at once – on October 28, 2011.

Bryan Walton’s Oxygen for the Mind 2012 Video


So exactly what happens now in our arrival at a supposed “terminal velocity”, the end of the final cycle? There’s no concrete answer written in the Mayan scriptures that survive today. Calleman’s interpretations suggest a complete shift away from the hitherto marked schematics of the Mayan cycles and instead towards a “unity of consciousness”. Humanity need no longer follow the dictated patterns of Hinduism, Buddhism, Abrahamic religions, and the like because the Divine are now completely within us human beings – not out of choice, but of necessity.  Meanwhile, the Mayan elders, including Carlos Barrios of the Eagle Clan, view this era as one of hope – the most important era of Mayan Calendars and prophecies. Barrios says that evolution has led to “a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and ongoing Earth changes”, and that this new era is “an opportunity to be more human”. He says our ideas and concepts of economy are “fiction” and that our materialistic structures are due for drastic change. Could this be the true “apocalyptic” prediction at its core? Is “the end” simply the final collision and collapse of our consumer, power-hungry society, and the opportunity to rethink how we live as human comrades? A chance to grow and nurture our inner creativity and spiritual unity?

If this is really what awaits us in 2012, I can see why Mayans viewed the “new era” as one of hope. What it will mean for our society, we can only guess.  Will Kihada be writing about a whole new dimension of Kreative Finds? Stay tuned…



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