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The Best of VLAFF | TUESDAY | APRIL 20th | 8:00PM

Where: Pacific Cinématéque | 1131 Howe Street

We are happy to announce that the Best of Vlaff is back for the 3rd year, so for those that miss in some of the great films from last year’s festival, you have an opportunity to see it again.  The first one is a Cuban Film, ( love cuban films) by Rebeca Chávez. With English subtitles.

Ciudad en Rojo Kihada  



Director: Rebecca Chavéz 
Producers: Camilo Vives, Delfina Catalá, Isabel Prendes
Screenplay: Xenia Rivery
Editor:  Manuel Iglesias 
Music: X Alfonso
Cast: Rafel Ernesto Hernandez,Eman Xor Oña, Yori Goméz,

Carlos Enrique Almirante, Mario Guerra 

In the final years of the decade of 1950, Santiago de Cuba, one of the main supply cities of the rebels led by Fidel Castro and of underground urban actions perpetrated by the rebel and clandestine 26th of July Movement, become one of the most repressive and violent cities on the Island. Almost daily the newspaper Diario de Cuba published the names of the deceased in the eastern metropolis, mostly victims of police repression by Fulgencio Batista’s regime.

In these cases, to evade censure, the term “Bertillón 166” appeared as a cause of death, which signified homicide by firearm and that years later served as the title of the novel by the same name by Cuban narrator José Soler Puig.

CITY, the first film by Rebeca Chávez, deals with 24 hours in the life of Santiago de Cuba during that phase and is based on the story that inaugurated the Literary Award of the Casa de las Américas in 1960. 1960.  


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