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Vancouver, re-fashioned through the Lens of a Luminary.

Location, location, location… There’s a reason why Kihada Kreative studio resides and thrives in Vancouver – and it’s all about photographic appeal! During our 15 plus years in the film and commercial photography field, we’ve come to love and understand Vancouver’s advantageous location inside and out. To us, this city is ideal for marketing and commercial photography, because it’s a diverse and versatile environment that can become just about anything – if you’ve got the right know-how. With such a mild climate, a colourful spectrum of weather (sometimes experienced all in one day), a mosaic of cultural districts & architecture and a variety of landscapes to choose from, ours is the perfect city to shoot any type of production. European fashion ad? Hit up Gastown. New York vogue? The streets downtown await. Glacial water promo? Grouse or Cypress, 365 days of the year. You can even turn StanleyPark, VanDusenGardens, and Lynn Headwaters into a Tolkien forest. Nothing against travel and adventure – but why look anywhere else?

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Green’s the new Tangerine Tango at Eco Fashion Week Vancouver!

It’s no big secret that the fashion industry is one of the economy’s biggest sellers, bringing in over $300 billion in annual revenue. But how many of us stop mid-stride at the boutique or halfway through Vogue magazine to consider the cost? The truth is, it’s the world’s natural ecosystems and the stability of just societies that pay for this year’s pumps, not the corporate bank accounts. That’s why the fashion industry ranks third among the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. So what hope can we have for its long-term viability? Eco Fashion Week seeks to solve this riddle.

Ads of the world


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Havana Heat

Creative advertising is a large part of what we do here at Kihada Kreative.  So we really appreciate every opportunity to admire the work of others who do it too – and do it well.  Ads of the World is one of the places we find some of the real gems, and every year they name the BEST of the best for six categories.  Here, we share with you the winners for film and print, because they especially struck our fancy: