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We hear all the time that one person can make a difference.  But how?  Let’s start with some art. submiT is about bringing people with vision together to create something that will cut through the cultural noise like a knife. Our voice will be your designs.  Shirts will be our medium to communicate a message of hope and awareness.

what is submiT

In a society overpopulated with blogs and status updates, it’s hard to get a message across.  To communicate something important, people need to be captured, entranced, tantalized and drawn in.

That’s where you and your mad design skills come in.


submiT is about raising awareness of childhood education in Ethiopia through the work of imagine1day.  Their goal is to have education available for every child in Ethiopia by 2020.  submiT believes in the work being done at imagine1day. All proceeds will directly benefit their efforts.


Designers from all walks of life will be submitting their work and we need your votes to determine which design best represents  EDUCATION is a RIGHT and KNOWLEDGE creates a COUNTRY.  Voting will take place from June 1st to June 15th.

There is going to be a massive party on July 9th, where people can view the top five designs and pre-order the winner.  Please check out for more information and details as they emerge on how to purchase tickets and where it will be.





imagine1day: This Is Our Story

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To inform people about imagine1day and their work in Ethiopia.  They are an innovative organization dedicated to changing the world through educating the children of Ethiopia.  Their goal is to educate all children by 2020. Join imagine1day on their facebook at: 

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imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for donors to be directly connected to projects that provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia, Africa. 






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