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Kihada_Soleone_Header_smallIt’s a panda’s favourite snack. The trademark flora of Southeast Asian forests. An exotic addition to living room décor. And now, the latest innovation in clothing and textiles. That’s right – now you can snuggle under bamboo fibre sheets, tousle freshly-showered hair with bamboo fibre towels, and best of all, wear luxuriously comfortable bamboo fibre clothing that’s good for both you and the environment.



Enter Soleone Luxury Basics: a Vancouver-based boutique whose entire line of simply sexy apparel is made from bamboo fibre. Every single garment holds true to the company’s philosophy that comfort need not be sacrificed for style. Their collections simultaneously embrace basic cuts and stylish flare, a marriage that can best be described as simply stunning. To represent and embolden this unification, their logo depicts two sentinel lions, inspired by an ancient gold plaque that dates back more than 2500 years. From satin-soft underwear to sleek dresses and hoodies, Soleone’s design suffers no compromise in the realms of quality comfort, emphatic elegance, and dedicated sustainability.

The bamboo fibre fabric Soleone uses has many unique properties that make it far superior to cotton, in terms of both product satisfaction and environmental sustainability. Consider the bamboo plant itself: it’s much like a grass or a weed, in that its yield is enormous (ten times greater than cotton, in fact) and it can grow on even the most treacherous slopes, where no other crops are viable. It also thrives without application of pesticides or fertilizers, spreads rapidly across large areas, and improves the soil quality enough to reverse erosion and replenish nitrogen levels. Bamboo typically grows to its maximum height within three months and in only three or four years it reaches maturity. Again, much like grass, the stalk is cut at its base instead of completely uprooted, which means the surrounding ecosystem remains intact. Bamboo has a much higher tolerance than most crops of harsh conditions such as drought, floods, and high temperatures, and while it has naturally high absorbency fibre, it requires very little water to grow. In fact, very few bamboo cultivations are irrigated manually, whereas cotton is estimated to be the thirstiest of all agricultural commodities. There are about 1600 different species of bamboo; the Moso species is used for clothing and textiles, and is subsequently the most important variety in Chinese bamboo cultivation. Encouraging the cultivation of bamboo, as opposed to cotton, means nurturing the live-giving process of photosynthesis and reducing greenhouse gas production – a giant step towards a greener planet and healthier living.

What does all this mean for the fabric? Clothing that’s better your skin from both a health and comfort standpoint, that’s what. The high absorbency of the bamboo fibres make for a material that is three to four times more absorbent than cotton, and a surface that’s rounded at a microscopic level. The micropockets between each fibre wick odour and moisture away from the skin, and enhances breathability. The pockets of air keep you cool in hot weather but insulate body heat in cold temperatures. These properties also act as anti-static and anti-fungal systems, UV protection from 98% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, water-resistant coverage, and a hypo-allergenic alternative to potentially irritating synthetics. Bamboo fibre – the same material used in the construction of buildings and scaffolding – is strong and, as a textile, extremely durable against abrasion and everyday wear-and-tear. Best of all, the luxuriously comfortable fabric is also 100% biodegradable.

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What more reason could you need? Wear some bamboo today and nurture your health, comfort, and the environment. Discover how you can do all this while looking and feeling fabulous got to: Soleone Luxury Basics (so now you know where I’m destined to blow my budget. If you’re interested in symbolic logos, like Soleone’s lion emblems, you’ll find lots of examples throughout our website. Let us show you how meaning, art, and kreative marketing in tandem can make a big impact – it’s what we’re all about!



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