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Behind the Chen Lizra’s breathtaking smile is a vibrant background and insatiable passion. Her latest project, a deep roots traveller’s guidebook aptly titled “My Seductive Cuba”, seeks to inspire readers to “live life passionately” – and who wouldn’t find such a notion seductive? The graceful, sumptuous dance clips featured on the book’s website is enough to draw anyone into Lizra’s story. Indeed, I found myself drinking in every word of the excerpts, and by the end I could almost smell the white rum on white sand beaches. Of course, the potency of these sensations may also come from the vivid authenticity of the website itself!



There’s something so entrancing – well, seductive, really – about Lizra’s personal perspective on touring Cuba; something that conventional guidebooks lack profoundly. She describes her book as “Eat Pray Love” meets “Lonely Planet”, and although such a characterization might scratch the surface for introductions, the website beautifully reflects the essence beyond words.

Upon planning her book launch, Chen Lizra came into contact with Rene Quijada, Kihada Kreative’s owner and, incidentally, twin brother of Alfonso Quijada, whom Lizra had worked with in the past. Rene predicted she would inevitably need a strong website to promote book sales and create a distinctive identity. Although Lizra said she had one under development overseas, Rene gently – but pointedly – assured her he would be close by, should she need help in future. His experience with developers abroad rang true, and before long Lizra put the entire project in his able hands. Rene suggested a complete renovation of the site to better reflect the Cuba they both knew and loved. The following weeks were filled with many creative-driven hours of design, during which Kihada worked closely with Lizra to fine-tune her brand identity. Rene and his designers created numerous graphics and prototypes, and responded promptly to Lizra’s feedback. Finally, they produced a brilliant site with an authentic look and feel that matched her book, and with a customized back-end for easy and personalized administration. Its launch marked a triumphant celebration of Lizra and Kihada’s creative partnership.


For someone who hasn’t visited Cuba before, images of its exotic culture and landscapes can seem distant and flat.  Even with bright photos and detailed entries, a book just can’t do it justice. Add in personal anecdotes and fervent affinity coupled with a strikingly authentic website, however, and suddenly you’re taken right to your destination, with the author at your side. This was how Chen Lizra and Kihada’s design prowess drew me right into Cuba’s heart and soul. My ticket to her Havana is practically booked already – and if the impressive notoriety she’s gained from website and book launch is any indication, I’m not the only captivated fan!


My Seductive Cuba book trailer:

Video presented by Chen Lizra and Latidos Productions



If you’re interested in learning more about Chen Lizra’s fabulous book, or in a prime example of kreative brand identity, check out the website Kihada designed for its launch and promotion. There you’ll find the sensual dance clip mentioned above, as well as many breath-taking pictures of the vibrant Cuban landscape. Browse through other clips of Cuban cultural attractions and listen to our favourite Cuban music tracks. The design also includes a section dedicated to YOU, offering free wallpaper downloads of your favourite Cuban landscapes, and chances to enter contests. There’s also a space for the latest news updates for your perusal and links to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds. Soak in the zest and stirring colours we’ve splashed across your screen. Relish the exotic spirit represented in our design. Is it a faithful representation of Lizra’s experience? There’s only one way to find out!


As always, Kihada is here to help imbibe every type of media with creativity and innovation. Whether it’s a website, brand promotion, animation, advertising, printing, or media development, we’ve got the limitless imagination every business needs to shine. Growing business and media interactions by building sites like Chen Lizra’s is our vision, passion, and inspiration. Media is where we thrive.



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