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Revamping their institutional-looking logo in favour of a friendlier image.

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Competiton, sales revenues going down and dated marketing material are some reasons behind a company’s need to revamp itself and remain financially viable. KIHADAWORKS has the resources and case studies on effective brand transformations: the repositioning, revamping and redesign of existing brand assets to meet strategic marketing objectives.

Astral Media is not the only company to revamp its institutional-looking logo in favour of a friendlier image. A look at other brands that have followed this trend

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Astral Media is not the only company to revamp its institutional-looking logo in favour of a friendlier image. A look at other brands that have followed this trend:

walmart - kihada


Rebranded: June, 2008

Wal-Mart’s old logo, while simple, wasn’t exactly welcoming. The name was written in capital letters in a muted navy blue, with a militaristic star in the middle.

The discount chain unveiled its new logo as “part of an ongoing evolution of its overall brand,” according to a statement at the time. In advertisements and on store fronts these days, the logo is a cheerier sky blue and the square block lettering gave way to a more rounded font. In place of the old star is a cheerful yellow sunburst.

unilever kihada


Rebranded: May, 2004

Nothing says corporate domination like a pair of faceless skyscrapers, which is exactly what Unilever’s blocky “U” logo looked like. The company decided it needed an update.

“The current logo has been reliable and distinguished … but not as open and friendly as it could be,” the company said at the time. The U was redone with the same royal-blue colour, but in a rounded shape made up of a collage of 25 symbols representing its brands

mac logo - kihada


Rebranded: January, 2000

If any company can afford to go against the grain, it’s Apple. These days, the bitten-apple logo is silver and shiny, far more modern than it used to be, though perhaps not as friendly as its old horizontal rainbow stripes. But if Apple has become less colourful, its new look is a classic example of a brand remaking its image to match the company’s progress. It dropped “Computer” from its corporate name and is now simply Apple Inc., emphasizing its identity as a technology company that makes far more than computers.

bp logo - kihada

Rebranded: 2000

The company was widely criticized for its rebranding, even before the catastrophic spill that began last month. In a bid to emphasize its progress in environmentally friendly technologies, the campaign included the slogan “Beyond Petroleum,” lambasted by critics as “greenwashing.” The logo changed from capital letters on a green shield to a rounded “bp” above a green-and-yellow flower shape. Unfortunately for BP, no amount of tweaking can make the brand look environmentally friendly right now.


Many businesses simply need a face lift for their existing logo.

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