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Regi_Thumbnail_KihadaYour One-Stop Recycling Shop now has a brand-new online image – in tandem with opening its new Nanaimo location, Regional Recycling also has a completely new website, designed and developed by Kihada Kreative! Visual vibrancy and sleek imagery are the focal points of the site, every single element of which was custom-designed to impress. Regional Recycling’s is a story to tell, and what better way to share it with the world than through bright and bold imagery?


A long history of community involvement has certainly reflected well on Regional Recycling’s organization. Now operating 6 locations across the Lower Mainland, they continue to work with numerous youth and community groups to provide the region’s best recycling programs. By widely offering these fantastic resources to groups, schools, and businesses, Regional Recycling has helped make possible countless community ventures across the Lower Mainland, including the Love for Lilee campaign that supported a local family in medical crisis.


In addition, Regional Recycling accepts an impressive array of products at each of their locations. From beverage containers to batteries, scrap metal to electronic appliances, they’ll take the clutter out of your hands – and keep it out of the landfill. One-Stop Recycling Shop, indeed! We wanted to emphasize the breadth and capabilities of Regional Recycling’s eco-driven facilities, so we designed an entire gallery of vivid graphics to illustrate every one of their services. We also conceived a company mascot (fondly called Regi) to parade the brand new logo, which we redesigned 25 times to ensure every detail was up to Regional Recycling snuff. The homepage features images that represent each recyclables category, created from scratch in vector format for a realistic look that matches the site’s overall earnest charm. Visually communicating the company’s unique identity was our primary goal, and we designed every element specifically for this purpose.


Now Regional Recycling has an online identity enlivened by original eye-catching graphics, as well as an integrated Google Maps application to locate each of their 6 branches. We’ve also got an iPhone application in the works to further extend the company’s accessibility. As Regional Recycling continues to grow, their website can grow too, with ample capacity for additional features.


To top it all off, we’ve designed an entire brand development strategy for Regional Recycling, of which the new website is but one key component. The venture includes a full print media package to match the website, specifically customized for each of the six locations, as well as video and social media campaigns. This year marked the introduction of their electronic appliance recycling capacity, and to spread the news, we also launched the “Unplugged” campaign with all the graphic bangs and whistles we could create. Once again, the visual elements in all these areas are vital to the entire brand experience. Creating the colour-rich, original collection of custom-designed graphics for both digital and print media required a lot of hard work and communication – but it was worth it.


Every business evolves and diversifies, developing an identity unique to their brand. In order to thrive, this distinct identity must shine through.  A modern business needs a modern website, no matter how big or small the venture. Click here to see Regional Recycling’s stunning new website!


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