Random Walk

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Random Walk is a fast paced thriller about two upwardly mobile friends who get caught up in a whirlwind of girls, gangsters and guns.

Random Walk, the latest film from Kihada Filmworks Ltd & Boundary Bay Entertainment Inc., starring Devon Sawa. Written and produced by Alfonso Quijada. 





…It is 9:02 PM. Jeff (Devon Sawa, Final Destination) and Enrique (Alfonso Quijada, X2), two upwardly mobile friends, are looking to score some weed for a night out with their girls.  They pay a visit to Flip (Bishop, NARC), the cousin of Jeff’s fiancé, who lives down the hall and happens to be a drug dealer.  While the boys are partying at Flip’s, a police assault team bursts into his apartment.  Jeff and Enrique see their futures pass before their eyes, they can’t believe their bad luck.

The cops order everyone to lie on the floor while they toss Flip’s apartment, but Flip isn’t one to take things lying down.  Paranoid at the best of times, Flip tells the boys that he thinks the cops are actually members of a rival gang trying to rip him off.  Enraged, Flip grabs a gun from a hidden compartment in a table.  Fearing that the situation is much worse than he thought, Enrique lunges at the same time for a gun hidden under a chair.  

As Flip tries to escape, he comes up shooting but is quickly subdued by the assault team.  Meanwhile, Enrique manages to get the other gun only to be shockingly taken down by Jason, Flip’s right hand man.  As Enrique and Jason struggle, the gun goes off, hitting and killing one of the cops.  As pandemonium ensues, we FADE OUT…

It is now 8:14 PM, earlier the same evening.  Jeff and Enrique are just leaving to meet up with their girls.  We are taken through the seemingly inconsequential events that leave the boys in a fight for their lives.  We soon discover that all is not what it seems.  The police raid was in reality a PRANK staged by Jason, one that has gone horribly wrong.  Yet, this is only the beginning of the nightmare for Jeff and Enrique.

When Jeff and Enrique try to leave the apartment, Flip and Jason become locked in a deadly power struggle that threatens to consume everything and everyone around them.  At the worst possible moment, Flip’s girlfriend Khity, a strung-out stripper, shows up with Juanita, whose boyfriend happens to be lying on Flip’s floor with a hole in his head.  Meanwhile, Jeff’s fiancé, Kelly (Serinda Swan, The Breakup Aritst) and Enrique’s girlfriend, Ashley, who are just at the end of the hallway begin to look for the boys.  The situation is quickly going from bad to worse.

What started out as a prank, has now devolved into a vortex of gangsters, guns, cops, neighbours and girlfriends.  When the bodies start piling up, Jeff and Enrique find themselves in a struggle for their very survival.  As everything comes crashing to the shocking finale, the boys are faced with an unimaginably grim reality. Set in real time, in two apartments just down the hall from each other, in a building like any other, Random Walk is a character-driven, dark comedy and action-filled that never lets up. 

Contact info:

Alfonso Quijada

Boundary Bay Entertainment, Inc/Kihada FilmWorks Ltd.

Studio 305 – 33 Water Street Vancouver BC V6B 1R4

(604) 505 7271 – (604) 685 4165




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