Must See Shows at Vancouver International Children’s Festival 2011

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acrobat-childrenfestival-kihada1 As fervent supporters of our community and any endeavour that seeks to open minds through creativity, we jumped at the chance to lend a helping hand to the incredible Vancouver International Children’s Festival by sponsoring their brand new look and advertising campaign. We’re so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to think creatively for our community. Find out more about their brand new design concept and advertising campaign as well as the must see shows of 2011!





Revitalizing a Legacy: New Creative and Advertising for Kids’ Fest

As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s a banner year for the International Children’s Festival, as they celebrate their big move from Vanier Park to Granville Island. Talk about a legacy! This new powerful duo of sophisiticated arts venue and one-of-a-kind arts experience is bound to make an unforgettable impression on any audience. 

We enlisted the help of Taiwanese-born illustrator Jessica Sung to help us create a new key figure who will jump out from every page, whether in print or online. Together with Artistic Director, Rene Kihada, the concept of an “Acrobat on the Move” was born. This stand-out image perfectly captures the entire history of the festival, from its celebration of music (as represented by the keyboard), to its stunning theatrics (as exhibited by the colourful acrobat), to its legendary move from Vanier Park (as illustrated by the box filled with toys).

But, Rene knows that even the smallest changes can dramatically impact a simple design. Previously, the letters in the festival’s logo appeared in the same blue colour, and blended into the background. Rene called up his inner child and changed the colours of the word “Festival” in order to make the entire logo stand out and stand up to the joyful acrobat illustration.

This new design concept appears on the festival website, their brochures and on posters plastered on bus depots across Metro Vancouver and beyond!

Now that our acrobat has deftly manouevered his way into your creative mind, find out more about the must see shows of 2011!

Must-See Shows at International Children’s Festival (May 30th to June 5th, 2011)

Granville Island has long been known as a central hub for offering the best of the arts in Vancouver for all ages, it has also garnered an esteemed reputation as a sophisticated arts venue, which allows Kids’ Fest to showcase a high calibre of performance art. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the must-see performances of 2011.

Pirate’s Cove (BC, Canada)


Tally Ho! Captain Clearday and Pirate Storm are here to take you on a 30 minute ferry voyage in search of the missing pieces of the “map of the lost treasure of Pirate’s Cove”. Board the Aquabus for a memorable voyage around False Creek.

Farfalle (Italy)


This innovative show comes to Kids’ Fest all the way from Italy, where two graceful dancers tell the story of a butterfly’s life cycle (“farfalle” is the Italian word for butterfly) against the background of a glowing garden. Their performance is enhanced by gorgeous luminescent lights that move in tandem with their dance.

Step Afrika! (USA)


Step up to this vivacious show incorporating stomping and spoken word that create unmatched rhythms. You’ll have a hard time staying put in your seat during Step Afrika!

Physical Music (USA)


The Lelavision Performance Company brings an extraordinarily one-of-a-kind experience to the International Children’s Festival this year. This unique show combines awe inspiring acrobatics with large scale sound sculptures that together create a surreal musical experience. You won’t believe it till you see it.

Russell’s World (MB, Canada)


Manitoba Theatre for Young People presents a heartwarming journey through Russell’s World as he explores issues prevalent to youth today. After school, Russell’s bedroom comes alive with enchanting puppetry that help him sort through his schoolyard problems. Russell’s World is written and performed by acclaimed First Nations actor Herbie Barnes.

46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes (Australia)


All the way from sunny Australia, Circa takes you through a whirlwind of jaw-dropping stunts and acts as they race to beat the clock! This fast-paced family show will have you gasping, clutching your hearts and reminding yourself to sit back in your seat.

Farfalle, Circa and Step Afrika! will all be available in the evening for parents and youth who wish to experience the festival in a more grown up setting.

About the International Children’s Festival (Vancouver, BC)

From May 30th to June 5th, 2011 children and parents will delight in the international selection of artistic performances offered up by the festival,  with troupes from our backyard right here in BC, to ones travelling all the way from Italy and Australia. Each year, the festival is aimed at inspiring children towards participating in the arts, whether through music, dance or performance.

Another marker of this special year in Kids’ Fest history is that it coincides with the celebration of Vancouver’s 125th anniversary. The festival is honouring this momentous occasion with some special workshops that will “inspire your inner artist”.

The “Birds of a Feather Environmental Installation & Workshop”, hosted by Haruko Okano, and “The Mobile Garden Dress, Eco Wardrobe Installation & Workshop”, hosted by Nicole Dextras, honour Vancouver’s increasing focus towards sustainable and eco-friendly living. Meanwhile two other workshops will showcase our community’s origins and history, as in the “125th Anniversary Cube Sculpture & Workshop”, hosted by Cheryl Hamilton and Mike Vandermeer (of i.e. creative), and “Under One Beat, Aboriginal Drumming Installation” by Luke J. Parnell.

We’re absolutely delighted to help spread the word about this inspiring, magical event. For information on purchasing tickets or to make a donation, please visit the International Children’s Festival website.

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