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Kreative has a New Face!

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Kihada 5 Steps ThumbnailThat’s right, we’ve kicked off 2013 with a stunning new website – but the key to our success is still tried and true. It’s not by chance or slight of hand, but a method that we’ve carefully honed for success. And it just so happens that the launch of our new website offers the perfect opportunity to tell you all about it!  It’s a story worth telling, because it illustrates exactly the steps we take with each of our clients for every project. We walk them through the same creative process we use ourselves – because they deserve nothing less.

Our creative process comprises five steps, each of which we have strategically designed to flow naturally into the next as concepts and ideas take shape. Every one of them is a crucial part of the final whole, so we complete each to the fullest degree before moving on. That way, the success of any brand and/or project becomes fairly straightforward! Here’s a little description of our Five Steps, and how they worked for our website:

Kihada Creative Design Step 1

1. Getting to Know You

Brands are expressions of identity, as unique and distinctive as the companies they represent. That’s why it’s so important that we really get to know the heart of the matter before we try to tell its story. So before we tackled our website, we sat down as a team and took a look at everything that’s inside the box – our core values, our vision, and who we are as a branding and design firm. We clearly defined the message we wanted to communicate to clients, both prospective and current, through our online platform.


Kihada Design Research Step 2

2. Research & Brainstorming

Next came the mock-ups and concept development, analyses and assessments, from which our creative momentum would begin. As you can imagine, multitasking was crucial if we were to see our project from all the right angles.  We identified our strengths and successes as a business, and established where we needed to improve. For instance, we wanted to make ours a more responsive, mobile-ready website that would deliver optimal viewing experience on all devices, so we’re always only a click away. We also further refined our SEO strategies through further research and skills development.  At the same time, we compared our competitors as a baseline, noting what we liked and what we would do differently. This reminded us of what distinguishes us from the market standard, the edge that sets us apart and defines our direction – and the key is in our Five Step Process.


Kihada Creative Concepts Step 3

3. Creative Concepts & Ideas

Distilling clarity from our brainstorm, we nurtured and developed our best ideas into one solid concept. We used what we like to call the right way of thinking – focusing on various aspects simultaneously while keeping the whole (and the final result) in perspective. This involved lots of team meetings and collective creativity, and while a lot of great ideas hit the cutting room floor, we’re looking forward to sharing a few of them with you in upcoming articles! We talked, doodled, paced, and constructed the Five Steps into streamlined perfection, then fashioned the words and visuals to express each one. Then we designed all other website content and components around this core process. Above all else, we wanted our unique brand identity to shine through in one consistent message.


Kihada Chameleon Design Step 4

4. Drafting & Reviewing

Finally, all our creative contemplation came to life: we lovingly created drafts, mock-ups and prototypes of every page, picture, and paragraph so we could see how our ideas appeared in the flesh. This is the point at which we create the beta version of every project we do, and review it closely with the client for feedback and follow-up. Our site was no exception: we put it through the gamut of tests, making necessary adjustments as we went. We polished the visual architecture to perfection, resizing and reformatting elements and comparing the mobile with the desktop versions to create a compatible flow. We carefully wrote and re-wrote content until we were fully confident in its efficacy. Not a single detail escaped our keen inspection.


Kihada Venus Statue Step 5

5. Revealing Your Masterpiece

This is the winning moment when all that work comes to fruition!  The masterpiece is unveiled at last, the reward of a process that works.  We launched our new site, with much fanfare across the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles we’d created to engage with our followers. We take the social media side of marketing very seriously, as it is an essential tool that every client needs to succeed in business nowadays.

Now you see how through our creative process, we can satisfy client objectives to the fullest degree, on time and within budget, with full confidence.  No matter what we’re working on, the Five Steps are the key to our success.  It could be the key to your success too – now that you know our process, why not put it to the test?  Get a free quote here, or contact us today!


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