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Now, more than ever, with so much information readily available across the web, people are looking for their information to be delivered in concise, visually stimulating yet nonetheless entertaining ways.  So what’s even better than a static infographic? A medium that takes all this info and makes it move, speak and come to life. The name of the game is animation.

But don’t ask us how graphics, animation and video have changed the way we like to learn, ask the second largest search engine in the world: YouTube.

Here are a few of our favourite examples of how a well designed video with simple, high resolution graphics (known in the design world as vector graphics) and concise text combine to create the best educational, inspirational, controversial and shareable content across the web.

Use animated videos to illuminate little known facts and spark dialogue




Hungry Beast was a current affairs spoof television series (think The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or The Colbert Report) produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The premise of the show, simply stated, was “Tell me something I don’t know”, a task the Hungry Beast took seriously and presented incredibly creatively. This gave rise to a regular segment called “The Beast File” wherein social “beasts” were humorously ousted using these short provocative animated videos:





Kim Jong Il



Food Waste


Use animated videos to explain scientific theories


photo by tychay,flickr

Famous for their cartoons and graphics, we knew we’d find something good on the The New Yorker’s YouTube Channel. Here a scientific theory is charmingly told through a mix of adorable images and a storytelling tone. This surely made learning about the “Science of Everyday Interactions” much more memorable.


Use animated videos to share statistics and examine trends


photo by Wesley Fryer, Flickr

The “Did You Know?”or “Shift Happens” series initially started out as a simple PowerPoint presentation, presented at a high school faculty meeting in August of 2006. Somehow, in 2007 the presentation went viral and sparked an onslaught of discussion, much to the surprise of its creators Karl Fisch and Dr. Scott Mcleod. With the help of a design agency, Fisch and Mcleod were able to reformat their ideas into compelling, thought provoking animated videos that have been collectively viewed over 5 million times.

Through this series, Fisch and Mcleod seek to convey “the shifts that are occurring in our world and their implications for K-12 and higher education.”

So what’s in a video? The following “Did You Know 4.0” video was created with content contributed by XPLANE and The Economist and was released in September 2009. It has been viewed over 2 million times to date.


The facts are irrefutable, simple, well designed animated videos can serve to educate, entertain and be the cause for poignant, if necessary, discussion empowering our societies to take this newfound knowledge and become an active part of the change we need to enforce to make the world a better place now and in the future.

Kihada Works Design and Regional Recycling get animated with videos using vector graphics


Kihada Works Design is embarking on a similar endeavour for a very worthy client: Kihada recently launched thier NEW BRAND (Logo Design, along with thier new mascot “Regi” short for Regional) WEB SITE, PRINT & MARKETING MATERIAL. Regional Recycling, a recycling facility with locations around the Lower Mainland and B.C. that provide an easy, convenient and clean solution for your recycling needs (from regular household recylcing items like paper, cans and bottles all the way to processing e-waste on your behalf). We’ll be producing an animated video for them teaching the public more about responsible recycling – a great lesson to share with family, friends and your community. Stay tuned for a video update!


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