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Kijadaurias’s brushwork projects poetic, intimate and sensual paintings.  In every stroke the flavors/aromas of Latin America weave with passion and sensuality by mixing chiaroscuro creations of paintings with universal language.  


Alfonso Kijadurías poet, writer and painter, was born in El Salvador 1940.

Kijadurias, now living in Vancouver, is one of his country’s best-known writer and painter.  In 2009 the president of
El Salvador awarded him with one the highest honors for his lifetime literature contribution to his country.

Over the last three decades, he has painted more than 200 pieces with exhibits in El Salvador, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, USA and Canada (Vancouver).


His has sold his painting all across Latin America, Canada, USA and Europe.

He’s one of the best Latin American writers of this decade.

Kijadurias’s uninhibited contemporary vision of the world and his ability to write about the objects, visions, fears and neuroses of the people of Latin America is unquestionably remarkable.

His approach to painting is completely unique and transcending, he calls it “La Evolución” (The Evolution). In his method he transforms shadows into visually compelling story-telling masterpieces that evoke a deep resonance of the ever-evolving exuberant Latin American way of life.


For more information regarding Alfonso Kijadurias’ up coming Art Exhibit, you can contact:

Rene Quijada

Kihada Works Design Inc.
Studio: 305 – 33 Water St
Vancouver  BC  V6B 1R4

Tel: 604 684 2926


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