Kihada Gives Tavi Tequila the Star Treatment

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High end tequila just reached new heights in the luxury department thanks to some star treatment by the team at Kihada Works Design Inc. We’re pleased to introduce Tavi Tequila, an ultra premium tequila made from 100% blue agave grown in the rich volcanic soils of the Jalisco highlands. Check out what we did to bring the purity, smoothness and sexy sophistication of Tavi Tequila to life.

When it came to developing Tavi Tequila’s website, our primary goal was to truly communicate the essence of the tequila, from its exotic origins, to its absolute purity, right down to the euphoric experience of indulging in this top-of-the-line beverage. We also wanted to share Tavi Tequila’s cutting edge ingredients and methods in distilling the purest tequila available on the market (this method is so hot right now, even Justin Timberlake has hopped on the tequila bandwagon …)

Let’s show you some of what we did…

Tavi Tequila’s Brand New Image and Packaging Design


Tavi_Tequila_woman Tavi_bottle_2 Tavi_Tequila_1

Finding Tavi Tequila in Stores

To let customers know exactly where they can locate a bottle (or several) of Tavi Tequila, we forayed into the world of geocoding. Rather than just list where the product can be found, Kihada went a step further in designing custom Tavi Tequila branded pins that show exactly where each store stocking the product is located. Click on a pin, and you’ll get exact details and information on that store.


The History of Tequila

History buffs and tequila afficionados may enjoy this video that explains the origins, and different kinds, of tequila.


Be sure to check out Tavi Tequila’s completed website. Click here for more information on Kihada’s web development and design services or feel free to contact us for a quote. Salud!

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