Fortress Paper Gains a Giant Kreative Advantage

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Fortress_Thumbnail_kihadaHot off the presses, we bring you the launch of Fortress Paper’s new website, designed and developed by Kihada Kreative! The original website, along with the company logo, underwent an extensive remodeling to create a clean, sleek modern look that better reflects Fortress Paper’s multi-national operation. As the leading producer of the specialty pulp and paper products used to print banknotes in over 100 currencies in more than 50 countries worldwide, Fortress Paper needed a website worthy of its enterprise – and we at Kihada were pleased to provide.


Fortress Paper was incorporated in 2006 and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange a year later. Since then, it has grown to 4 divisions, employing over 720 workers in Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. In all three of these countries, Fortress Paper is recognized as a formidable industry leader with an impressive transnational customer base – and until now, they’ve maintained their original website as their brand’s online flagship. While the company grew in leaps and bounds, their website remained relatively modest, while the rest of the online world advanced, expanded, and developed exponentially.


So we jumped in full throttle and transformed the entire project. We took stock and survey, just like any business would of its store. The immediate concern was the site structure: it was built with Flash which, while popular and effective five years ago, functions less effectively within today’s Web 2.0 dimension. Its coding rendered the site incompatible with mobile devices, and made each page appear small within web browsers. These limitations prevented wider accessibility to potential business and consumers, a situation most unlike the company’s true nature. Our creative team completely redesigned the site using the latest CMS styles and techniques, while updating the content to showcase Fortress Paper’s current breadth and distinction.


Now the website holds the keys to the best online marketing: vibrant graphics that seize attention, a distinctive and eye-catching logo with undeniable brand presence, simple and logical user-friendly navigation, social media channels directly linked to the site, a wide array of options for customization, tools that make development and maintenance faster and more effective, easy-to-use back end for maintenance, and optimal search engine algorithms for greater online visibility.


A visually-captivating CMS website, backed by a skilled kreative development team, can significantly advance a business, big or small – and not just in terms of its media image. We at Kihada have seen how powerful a modern website can be.  A modern business needs a modern website. Take a look at Fortress Paper and see the difference for yourself – click here to see their brand new website!


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