Regional Recycling


With five locations in operation across the Lower Mainland, Regional Recycling was a strongly rooted business when we first met. The problem they had was not knowing how to market their services in a way that spoke to their market, and a lack of staying in touch with the community.

Each location has an impressive list of materials they can recycle, but couldn’t find a way to distribute this information amongst the public. We knew their business depended on a visible, dynamic relationship with their consumers, and as the demand for sustainable services rose alongside the growth of the green movement, it was critical that Regional Recycling’s corporate identity reflected the changing times.

challenge Informing the community about available sustainable services and initiatives.

solution An array of vivid graphics, colour-coordinated across all print and web material.

result Modernized, user-friendly web and print media that connects community with unforgettable brand experience.

One of our primary challenges was to abolish the stigmatisms associated with recycling, and dispel the impressions of dirt and dilapidation so often accompanying the idea.  We knew the best way to combat this was to design an array of vivid imagery that emphasized the opposite: renewal, sustainability, progress, and reward. The images would need to be simple and easily recognizable, something you could connect with right away.


Our starting point was creating a modern makeover for Regional Recycling’s beloved mascot Regi, then on to the logo with a fresh, clean look. From there we created brand new vector icons for each category of recyclables. All these emphasize the new brand on the Regional Recycling website, using a pastel colour scheme to organize elements into easily recognized categories for easy recognition and consistent user experience.  We also integrated a Google Maps application to pinpoint each location, and implemented the best SEO and keyword strategies to maximize accessibility.  Finally, we designed a full print campaign to match the website, customized for each location.

Now Regional Recycling stands as a powerful network of sustainable community service with substantial prospects for expansion, and today they have a brand that truly reflects this status. By creating a colour-rich, original collection of custom-designed graphics for both digital and print media, we were able to elevate their brand identity both online and in print.  Now their customers can easily access their many programs and services through a user-friendly website, and the company has an easy way to stay actively connected with its community.  They also have all the print resources they need to distribute interpretive literature and keep customers informed.  Most importantly, the Regional Recycling brand is well-poised to grow and evolve in step with the industry and the sustainability movement.

We are proud of our newly-updated connection with the community.

— Regional Recycling