Old Spaghetti Factory


It wasn’t easy being the first promoters of something as new and abstract as websites and online marketing, but when we first contacted The Old Spaghetti Factory, we gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse: we would build them a website for free, and they could take it or leave it as they pleased.  They agreed, and we worked around the clock to develop an immaculate design.  Back then, in the days of HTML, every detail had to be coded piece by piece, so the project involved a lot of scrupulous programming.  Our hard work paid off, however – when we presented the final product, they loved it, and from there a long, mutually rewarding client relationship grew.

challenge Timeless brand integrity expressed through evolving forms of marketing media.

solution Close client relationship responsive to current trends and growing development.

result Superior web and print marketing that's both authentic and effective.

Since our initial development, we’ve updated and upgraded the Old Spaghetti Factory’s website three times, staying current with evolving technology and media trends.  We also produced all of their print and marketing material, including menus, flyers, posters, and ads.  Over time, we’ve grown their classic rustic emblems into a sleek modern look that still retains that old-world charm.  The new beverage menus in particular have proven most effective. While it was a big investment for the company, the specially-directed photography and cutting-edge design have dramatically boosted drink sales by 30%, rendering the menu an essential asset to the restaurant.  It’s amazing what brilliant results can be achieved from sharp-looking photography, a sleek modern website, contemporary menu design, and strategic internal marketing.

Now our longest-standing client, the Old Spaghetti Factory has expanded from seven to fourteen locations since we first partnered.  They’ve stuck with us over the past 15 years because we’ve been able to deliver exactly what they need time after time. We’ve worked especially hard on their web development, progressing from the initial HTML platform to a custom CMS that allows them full control over updates through an easy-to-use administrative section.  Now they can upload promotional videos, add images, alter text, and manage reservations on a polished website that’s simple to operate, faster to load, and up-to-date with the highest standards of web marketing.  Theirs is a story that truly demonstrates the power of superior web and brand design.  A company’s greatest asset is the value of their brand identity – and through our progressive design strategy, the Old Spaghetti Factory continues to realize their full potential.

These recent updates have dramatically boosted sales and improved our customer experience. Thank you, Kihada Kreative!

— Old Spaghetti Factory