Adorlée SkinCare


Started in 1989 as a distributor for cosmetics and skincare products, the company has evolved to developing and marketing a brand based in Vancouver as Adorlee - Eye Beauty Specialist, advanced bio-formulated skincare products that specifically focus on the eye area. With a state-of-the-art technological process using only the finest and most precious ingredients and elements, they've created an exclusive line of luxury elixirs with intensive rejuvenating and repairing properties that will enhance the luminance and radiance of ther eyes veiled over time.


The company's primarily focus is on addressing environmental issues and their harmful effects on human well-being from a skin-care perspective. It is in Adorlee Beauty Inc.’s great interest to support students who are in these areas of studies that can contribute to improving the health and well-being of consumers.


client Adorlée SkinCare

challenge Branding a skincare company with a long term goal of becoming leading eye care expert brand.

solution We worked towards creating the product name, visual guidelines including logo, typography and photography. As the product progressed we moved into packaging and web design.

result A visual brand that expressed luxury with its foundation that embraces ideas, rewards excellence and emphasize greatly on creativity.