Growing the Seeds of your Brand Ideas to New Heights  

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Designing a Successful Brand
As a client traveling through our branding process you will realize the potential of your brand. Through our unique method, you will be able to easily facilitate your re-branding decision based on your specific goals. A well-possition brand will create a more positive customer experience and memorability. Strategic Branding that complements your companies’ goals will ensure that your business or product is positioned highly among its competition and in the future, as well as increasing your sells, bottom line you need to profit from your business, we can help you get there, here are some of our strategic steps we follow:

Start with the New Vision

Re-Define an Essence (What makes your brand unique?)

Re-Build an Image

Re-Create a Character and Personality

Decide on a Position for the Public Eye

Establish a Relationship Between Brand and Customer

Deliver a Consistent Brand Experience

We have designed over 35 logos and brands over the pass 15 years in business.

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Kihada allows you to have all the resources you need to become successful, right at your fingertips. We will establish the correct route for your personal brand and or business branding,  ensuring that you follow it to reach your objectives.

Have the successful brand that you want.
We will facilitate your branding decision based on your goals and will design a brand for you, or we can re-define and refine your brand with a new logo. With Kihada your brand will be revitalized and memorable. 

Get the exposure you need.
We will create an advertising campaign targeted to the markets that you are hoping to reach. Our design and copywriting team will create concepts that your competitors will envy and your consumers will love. 

Increase your web presence considerably.
We will design a website for you that will leave an imprint in your consumers’ minds. Your brand will be consistent and the content targeted to your audience. Our digital marketing services ensure your site will reach all your goals and be cost effective.


Branding and Development Strategy | VLAFF

Every company has a story that exists at the epicenter of its number one asset: its brand. Finding ways to tell this story, through a combination of compelling text and evocative visual representation, is what we do at Kihada Works Design Inc. From designing memorable logos to crafting resonating advertising campaigns, we’re here to build brands for companies who are changing the face of their industry.

A story worth branding

In 2006 VLAFF approached Kihada Works Design Inc. seeking a way to gain recognition as a reputable organization amongst international film festivals, but more specifically, they were looking to become the most anticipated film festival held in Vancouver. With an outdated design and no defined direction, we quickly identified that what VLAFF most needed in order to stand out was a completely new brand strategy. But where to begin? The key to launching a full-impact new brand was to start by designing an unforgettable new image that would represent the essence of the VLAFF brand.  VLAFF needed to translate their core values in a clearer, more defined way. They’re not only about telling stories; they needed a strong, concise one of their own.


Through Kihada’s creative process, VLAFF was able to clearly define its mission and core values. Kihada Works developed a complete branding and marketing strategy that communicated the root of VLAFF’S story: a non-profit organization that’s setting the foundation for future Latin filmmakers and film professionals.

This film festival’s unique quality is its deep-seated commitment to Latin culture and its proliferation of this culture through the arts. Recognizing that sponsors are at the heart of VLAFF’s efforts and initiatives, Kihada set forth on the design of a new logo, advertising campaign, supporting marketing collateral, sponsorship packages and even movie trailers that all worked together seamlessly to communicate the organizations’ message of advocacy.

The website was the final piece of the puzzle put into effect to push the brand’s message globally and to position VLAFF in coveted top spots in search engine rankings.


VLAFF has gained a steady growth of about 25% annually in the local market share and internationally, thus succeeding in solidifying the organization as an established film festival and raising it to one of the top 10 film festivals across BC and Canada. With a new look and a more focused message, VLAFF has managed to leverage their reputation to establish stronger ties with some of the top Latin American film industry festivals like The Havana Film Festival and Guadalajara International Film Festival, to name a few.

The end result is irrefutable:  A company’s brand is its biggest asset.


Client: BCRMCA | BC Ready-Mixed Concrete Association

Re-branding process: 47 year old logo | Our client’s main specific goals, were to focus in the sustainability and durability aspect of concrete. The new logo also had to complement the companies’ goals, ensure that their business or services was well positioned highly among its competition and in the future.

Our design approach was to visually gear to it’s main features: more durable, optimize energy performance, versatile, the fact that concrete contains recycled material and creates sustainable building sites, as well as giving it a more fluid design look, due to the changes of concrete development in the pass 4 decades.


The results: 100% POSITIVE feed back, from all their members, clients and associates


Kihada delivers fresh, crisp and vibrant design ideas to bring our projects to life. Rebranding a 45-year-old trade association was no easy feat, but I’m so glad we worked with Rene and the design team to develop a clear, more modern look for our industry. I am very pleased with Kihada’s ability to consistently represent that brand throughout all our association’s materials, while giving each project a unique look and feel.

Carolyn Campbell, Executive Director
BC Ready-Mixed Concrete Association